'Cause I believe in Kingwood days

Red Rabbit draws silly things.



i can’t stop laughting

This was an adventure


Oh, I’ve never used synergy before. Now I’m intrigued.

It’s a neat mod. You can play HL: Source, HL2/ep1/ep2, and some HL2 mods with friends. I’ve tried it out once with zombiesasametaphor, but, like I said, it had a tendency to crash during map changes.

Mind you, we only found that out after we spent like fifteen minutes throwing things at the Metro Cops.

Someday I’ll draw a self-portrait that won’t make me look 40.

That A Shephard is ridiculously adorbs.

Wow, I have no idea when I got this (probably ages ago haha), but thank you! I’m glad you like it!

Ack, that happened to me once. I was afraid I’d never be able to touch my loved ones again.

I know, right?! Thing took me ten danged minutes to pry off.

Ah jeeze…

The 6th gif in your gifs folder will be your muse’s reaction to being asked on a date.












Brought to you by the internet.

I’ve been trying to draw for ages and this is the only thing I’ve managed to do.


wanted to practise colouring with some nerds gta avatar


Why does it take actual effort to sound calm and normal during phone calls.


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Hey guys, just a signal boost for a pretty cool crowdfunding campaign..

The program Animation Paper’s indiegogo is live!  Animation Paper is an animation program that is streamlined and easy to use, and is meant to imitate animating on real paper using a lightboard.  You got dope sheets and onionskinning and none of the useless extra features.  The layout is intended to be clean and uncluttered.  I’ve been waiting for this campaign to launch for a while, I’m pretty excited!

So, fellow and aspiring animators, throw some dollars at this sweet program, and reblog if you can, so that we can get this cool project to reach its goal!

This looks amazing!


king of the losers

Commissions to squish my breasts away


Ok so

I am trying to raise some money to get a binder because it will help me through a lot of various things personally

As you may or may not know, my job is a little shit and I get paid just enough to pay bills and rent. Huzzah

So I am opening commissions again to get the money I need for it

SO what can you commission?


Anything you want.

A character?

On it

A pokemon?

On it

A deer anthropomorphised so that it can ride an elephant into the sunset?

On….it? (but srsly….no….)

But it’s gonna be £10 for a character with no background, add another £5 for any other character in the picture

Anything more complex, I’ll discuss price, but this will help me along.

Mac is still completely rad you guys.

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