'Cause I believe in Kingwood days

Red Rabbit draws silly things.

3D model with smoothing.

3D model without smoothing.


Based on ‘The Invisible Man’ H. G. Wells. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to upload the animated illustration. For now, state changes and dev stuff.

Wonderful gifts from the wonderful zarla-s, who helped me out in the biggest way! I will cherish these cuties forever. Thank you again, friend!

Also, if you really like cute drawings, you should check out Zar’s stuff, because all of it is adorable.

Four days, sixteen timing sheets, for just over thirty seconds of animation. That’s a grand total of 760 frames.


Lost two seconds worth of timing sheet work because apparently I forgot to save.

Here’s a little preview of something I’m working on for school.


It’s soooo satisfying, lemme tell ya. Like, I raised it from level five aaaaahhhh.

My Delphox just hit level 100 aaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Track: manoscience
Artist: Barney Calhoun
Album: Half-Life 2 Beta
Plays: 240



"You’re in pretty good shape, for a man o’ science."


Probably one of my favorite Barney audio files from the HL2 beta. Like, what is the context of this. What were they doing to make Barney say that.

I can just see him walking behind Gordon, starin’ at the Freebooty and Gordon is like GDI BARNEY WOULD YOU STOP THAT and Barney just waggles his eyebrows like the little shit he is. Gordon is disgusted with his BFF’s antics.

Get this clip and other Barney Beta files from my previous post!

"We’re on duty right now and I’m staring at your ass"
"Because you wanna support me."


headcanon time:

Alyx wears the leather jacket/hoodie combo because when she was younger, a certain rebel used to wear a very similar combination before they were an insider in the CP….


I’m doing commissions for a binder

I’d really appreciate anything and the base price is (for a bust) £5 for lineart, £7.50 for basic colours and £10 for cell shade.

For full body, it’s £10 for lineart, £15 for basic colour and £20 for cell shading.





That sort of thing.

Message me and I’ll sort out paypal things with you.

Timing sheets, more like tedium sheets.

Commissions for my binder


I’m still short as council tax has decided to rear its ugly head

But I’m doing commissions whilst I am between jobs (the job at the pub was the worst thing and making me ill so I had to go for my sanity) to help pay for a binder that… I really need it guys, it’s beginning to really impact me day in day out when I’m not in girl mode

And I know, it sounds odd and contrite with me using these phrases and perhaps I should use other phrases, but I don’t know terms for this. All I know is that some days I am in girl mode, others in no mode. So, no messages please on trying to help me label it. Thank you, but currently that isn’t what I need.

I say this every time, but it’s always true: Mac’s super rad and draws super rad things and anything you commission will be super rad!


there he is the nerd lord mage


Hot Bird People.

Oh my gosh.

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